In this project, my main inspiration was Ivanovo agitation textiles. Every textile has unusual print. It is fascinating how mechanical parts were combined with floral elements in a textile design.
I also was amazed by a color palette of the textiles – they are so bright and vivid, even though it is about mechanical parts. All those elements depict the desirable reality of Soviet period and celebrate industrial production.
So it made me think how can depict our reality now. I thought about our gadget dependence and the fact that every day we see the same icons which represent special action. As a base,I took iOS symbols. 

And for the color palette, I used Ivanovo textile design from Insulators, Electrical irons, and Electrification. Even with colors iOS symbols looks familiar to us an we know very well what action they represent. So we can even read them, based on their mission.
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